Special Prayer Alert

Thursday, at 11am EST, I’ve been invited to participate in a strategic meeting at The White House with a small group of faith advisors and senior members of the Administration.  Our meeting is about the Middle East/Israeli Peace Plan that will be announced soon.  The President and his team are asking a select group of faith leaders for input and counsel on this incredibly historic plan.  I am honored to be in the room to represent you, our partners, and the Kingdom of God at large.

One primary focus of the Center for National Renewal is RECONCILIATION. God has called us to be reconcilers and has commissioned us as healers and unifiers in the world.  Reconciliation includes bringing people into right relationship with God, but it also extends to healing racial, economic, and even geo-political division – like the conflict in the Middle East.  We know, biblically, that our nation is blessed and prospered as we stand in solidarity with the nation of Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  What a significant opportunity to join in the practical outworking of God’s plan, and our nation’s involvement, in bringing peace to the Middle East!

Dr. Mike Hayes, White House 2018

Dr. Mike Hayes, White House 2018

Will you cover this meeting in prayer?


  • God’s wisdom, discernment, and insight

  • Strategic solutions & a ‘word in season’

  • Favor, Opportunity & a Prophetic unction

  • Divine appointments & new relationships



Father, we thank You for this moment in history!  We are seeing the Kingdom advance as never before!  Give us faith and courage to partner with You in prayer for ‘Your Kingdom to come & Your Will to be done!’ I pray now, for the peace of Jerusalem and for healing among the torn relationships in the Middle East. Cover that region and bring about Your purpose in those nations.  We lift up this historic Peace Plan.  Release Your wisdom and favor to bring unity from division.  We pray for Dr. Mike Hayes. Put Your Word in his mouth and Your solutions in his heart. Give him favor among those with great influence and give him the insight to speak into this meeting with precision and a prophetic edge. We stand in agreement for Your plan to be released! 

Thank you for giving us access to renew the nation through our prayer! 

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!