Resurrection Purpose

In just a few days, we’ll celebrate the most significant and holy moment of the Christian year – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  The resurrection is the great harbinger of renewal – the cause and the promise of God’s restoration of people and planet! God is renewing the world through Jesus! We are honored, as His ‘new creation,’ to join Him in this work of renewal!

Our nation is in desperate need. Yet, our need is not purely political. It is not solely economic, or even social. Our need is not satisfied in the rising of a charismatic leader or the removal of a current political party. Legislation, litigation, and accusation won’t fix our broken world – only the transformation that comes through the power of Jesus can heal our land.


Our warfare is not carnal, but mighty through God. We cannot win the battle for our own soul, much less the soul of our nation, by wielding human weapons. (2 Corinthians 10:4)

We are a praying people.  We are a loving people – a resurrection people. As we face the deep divisions, entrenched positions, and hate-filled rhetoric plaguing our nation, let us remember the words and way of Jesus in dealing with conflict, threats and dark forces of evil.  He stood in the righteousness of God, spoke with the love of God, and moved by the power of God to lift the oppressed, help the broken, and serve those who could not serve themselves. When betrayed, He remained constant; when facing the difficult unknown, He prayed.  When the Savior was accused, He remained silent; when wounded, He healed. When others were selfishly seeking self-preservation, He gave His very life for the sake of God’s purpose and people. And while others grappled with defeat, He rose in victory. Oh, that we would follow ‘in His steps (1 Peter 2:21)!’

This Easter, my prayer for you is that God would remind you of your resurrection purpose – your call to fix what is broken, speak for the voiceless, and bring renewal to your sphere of influence

This is how the nation will be renewed!


Don’t point out the problem, but bring the solution. Refuse to jump on the bandwagon of despair – instead, be a broker of hope!

Jesus is alive! No situation is too far-gone! No battle is too great! No person is without hope! If YOU’RE there, the Kingdom is there!

Let’s show up and bring the Light of THE world into OUR world! One day at a time – one person at a time!


Join me in praying for resurrection and renewal in our lives, churches and nation this Easter season…


Father, let the world see Your glory this Easter! May those far from You behold the sacrifice and triumph of Jesus and find hope in what He has done for us! Jesus, You have risen from the dead and are the first of all who will rise! In your rising, let us rise from despair and hopelessness and let our lives show Your life!

Oh God, send Your Holy Spirit to quicken our nation and bring renewal to our cities.  Just as He quickened the lifeless body of Jesus and brought resurrection, let Your Holy Spirit quicken us! Quicken our churches! Quicken our cities! Quicken our leaders, politicians, and those of great influence and power to bring change!

Bring healing and restoration to our cities! Heal our land for the sake and glory of Jesus! We intercede and cry out for resurrection in our nation! Thank you for hearing! Thank you for answering! Thank you for renewing us, that we may share renewal with others!

In Jesus’ Name! AMEN!


We want to hear from you! If this is a blessing to you, let us know! If you have a special prayer need, or something to celebrate, share it in the comment section below!