Born Alive Bill

Last night, Kathy and I watched a documentary on a pastor and his wife who dedicated themselves to rescuing Jews from the Nazis at the beginning of WW2. It is called ‘Defying The Nazis: The Sharpes’ War.’ Pastor Waitstill and Martha Sharp left their pastorate in the states, left two small children with family, and entered the battle. They saved thousands of Jewish children by smuggling them to safe countries, mostly the US. I was convicted as I watched. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “You face a Holocaust as great as this one in your time. In your own nation you are allowing the destruction of full term babies protected by the law and doing little to stop it.” 

Rep. Steve Scalise (R - LA) speaking about the Born-Alive Bill at a press conference.    Source: Catholic News Agency.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R - LA) speaking about the Born-Alive Bill at a press conference.

Source: Catholic News Agency.

I know that the abortion issue for many has suffered “issue exhaustion.” After the courageous decades-long fight that seems will never end, many who are Pro-life have either given up the battle, or at least placed it on the back burner. Meanwhile, the so-called Pro-Choice movement has become the proponents of blatant murder. Many would be willing to concede the necessity of an abortion at six weeks, and a case of rape, incest, or the life of the mother. That is not what we are talking about here. We have reached a new low. States have now passed laws that allow an innocent baby, who survived the battle in the womb and is born alive at full term, to be left unattended until it dies. This is murder, plain and simple.

There is good news! Many states, motivated by strong Christian presence are crafting “heartbeat” laws that state if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is “viable,” and must be spared. After all, that is the word the Supreme Court used in its legalization of abortion those many years ago. 

In the House of Representatives, Rep. Steve Scalise (R - LA), has crafted a bill called the BORN-ALIVE ABORTION SURVIVORS PROTECTION ACT. This bill seems to me to be an easy decision for any representative to support. However, the sides are divided along party lines. All Republicans prepared to vote for it, but no Democrats. The bill needs 21 Democrats to vote in favor in order to be passed. I believe we can move the needle!

Will you Help?

First, will you join me in contacting your Representative to encourage them in the strongest language to vote yes on the BORN-ALIVE bill?

Second, will you join us in a powerful prayer of petition to the heart of God?




Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA),
House Republican Whip



Father, we repent of our sin and the collective sin of our nation in slaughtering Your heritage – Your reward – the children You have given us! Forgive us! Heal us! Restore us! Jesus, we come before Your throne in boldness to ask for Your hand to move in our nation – among our leaders.  Cause Your heart and Your life to surround them! MOVE them to act JUSTLY, to love MERCY, and to walk HUMBLY before you! Let Your favor and wisdom rest upon Rep. Steve Scalise as he shoulders this burden and give him wide-ranging support.  Release ALL the bipartisan support needed to push this legislation through and protect our most innocent citizens.  Holy Spirit, stir the hearts of Christians everywhere to ACT!!! Rise up within us in holy zeal to speak out and stand up for righteousness! Flood the phone lines, email inboxes, and personal contacts to shift the support in FAVOR of Your cause! TURN AROUND this nation and bring renewal! Let me be a significant part – let me do MY part!

In Jesus’ Name!!!! AMEN!