Unity for Our Country Part 1

Unity for Our Country Part 1

This week – and next – I’m calling us to band together in concerted prayer for God to bring an outpouring of UNITY in our nation.  There are many issues of concern, problems to confront, and decisions ahead for our nation, so we may experience a genuine and lasting renewal.  However, NOTHING will more significantly impact our nation for good, than an outpouring of a spirit of UNITY.  In fact, it will be the theme of this year’s National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 3, 2018.

Yom Ha'atzmaut

Yom Ha'atzmaut

Yesterday was Yom Ha'atzmaut, when the State of Israel celebrates Independence Day. According to the Jewish calendar, Israel is celebrating its 70th year since its rebirth. The survival of the Jewish people, the revival of their ancient language, and their return to their ancestral land is one of the greatest miracles in recorded history.

Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, an American Founding Father, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third President of the United States.
Of all the titles given to Jefferson – the ways in which he is held in high regard – my favorite, is that he is often called an ‘apostle of liberty.’ For I believe, that it is by the inspiration of God, and His providence, that this man would indelibly write our religious freedom into our nation’s founding documents and champion their preservation.

Maundy Thursday

This week, we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday by walking through Jesus’ Passion Week, remembering the events and significant actions of His final days.
Today, we remember one of the most pivotal days in the life of Christ – commonly called Holy Thursday, or Maundy Thursday.

February Partner Update

I pray you’re doing well and enjoying God’s richest blessings!  Kathy and I just returned from Israel and are continually amazed at all God is doing in this season of our ministry.  I want you to know how grateful I am that you are standing with us in prayer, faith, and partnership.  YOU are partnering with us in the renewal of our nation and God is doing wonderful things through our partnership.

Supreme Court Update

This week is a critical week to unite in prayer for our nation!
On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the California case of NIFLA v. Becerra. The Court will be deciding the constitutionality of a California law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to post information about abortion services. This form of compelled speech violates the Free Speech Clause of the Constitution, which not only protects your right to speak freely but also prevents the government from telling you to say things that are contrary to your conscience or your religious beliefs.

7 Points of Prayer (Part 2)

God is on the move and we’re ‘standing in the gap’ together for our nation!  Thank you for faithfully committing strategic time in prayer each week, as a part of this NatRenew army of warriors for our nation!
This week, we’re finishing out our 7 points of prayer for the nation with the last three targets.  Let’s pray for these together!

7 Points of Prayer

I’m so honored to have YOU standing with ME in prayerful agreement for our nation’s turnaround!  This week and next, I want us to unite together in 7 points of prayer over our nation.  God can turn our nation back to Himself, and through our prayer, we can ignite a renewal in our land. 
Today, I’m giving you the first 4 points to fuel your prayer this week.  Next week, we’ll cover the last three.  Join me in praying these four scriptures over our nation! Help us spread the word grab one of the shareable and post on your social media channels to recruit others to join you in prayer!

In Memory of Billy Graham

Today, the body of ‘America’s Pastor,’ the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham lies in honor in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol – just down the street from my office at the Center for National Renewal.  Dr. Graham’s earthly body was laid on a mattress pad in a simple casket made of pine plywood by prison workers in Louisiana State Penitentiary.  What a powerful picture of the end of every person – small or great – and the reminder of the simple gospel he preached.

January Partner Update

I pray all is well and your new year is off to a wonderful start!  I want to take a minute to THANK YOU for your generous investment in the mission of the Center for National Renewal.  You are truly partners with us in renewing the nation!

Together, we are making inroads and seeing God open doors for us to go further faster.  Your generous giving has made that possible!  Each month, I’ll be sending you a brief email update, so we can celebrate together what God is doing because of our partnership!

Here are just a few highlights of what happened in January because of your faithful support!

Pray for Parkland

Today, let’s focus our national prayers on the devastated community of Parkland, Florida in wake of yesterday’s unspeakable tragedy.  We are a national family – when one suffers, we all suffer.  Our hearts are broken for the 17 adults & students who were killed, along with their family, friends, and the entire community.  Let’s unite in prayer for an overwhelming presence of God to permeate the entire region!


I love knowing that each week there is an army of thousands joining me in prayer for our nation!!! It’s making a difference and God is at work behind the scenes!  He’s orchestrating a wonderful ‘turn around’ and WE’RE in the middle of the action!
This week, I’m praying for two critical items and I’d be honored to have you unite your faith with mine.

State of the Union

This week, let’s unite in prayer and believe God to release DIVINE SOLUTIONS to renew our nation!
James 1:5 tells us that ‘if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all…and it will be given to him.’  Our legislators, judges, national leaders, and influencers need DIVINE WISDOM for DIVINE SOLUTIONS that will save our country and renew our land. 

Early January Update

2018 is already off to a busy start!  God is opening doors and critical decisions are being made EVERY DAY here in Washington that effect the future of our country.  THANK YOU for uniting with us in prayer and faith for God to bring renewal in our nation!

Today, I’d like you to join me in prayer for three significant national concerns.

Welcome to 2018!

2017 is over and God has given us a brand new year!
Kathy and I wanted to share our heartfelt thanks for praying with us to see our nation renewed. You have prayed with us for divine intervention, renewal, and healing – God is answering our collective prayer! Today, I have a special prayer – this prayer is for you! We want you to know how amazing we believe that you are. Bless you!



Lord Jesus, we pray for the Departments of Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security and the men and women through whom justice and protection is administered.  We ask You, oh Lord, to uphold justice and mercy in our land and to keep us safe – that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  We declare with our mouths that Your people dwell safely in this land, and we prosper abundantly.