A Nation in Need of UNITY and SOLIDARITY

Our government is entering its 26th day of paralysis – with divisions deep and parties entrenched – many of our citizens suffer. This week, we will celebrate the March for Life on Friday, which is the largest pro-life march in the world. Then, on Saturday, we’ll witness the next installment of the so-called Women’s March, which according to it’s guiding principles stands opposed to Biblical Christianity and undermines the dignity of the very women it seeks to promote.  On Monday, we’ll honor the legendary civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,who, as a Baptist pastor, quite possibly made the greatest impact on reconciliation and unity in the last 100 years. However, it is clear that we have a LONG way to go to bring healing to this nation. My, how we need that UNITY and SOLIDARITY, as a nation right now!

As I wrestle with issues that are deeply affecting our country, her people, and the spiritual tenor of our nation, I’m reminded of this Scripture from the Prophet Isaiah “…and HE will be the stability of your times – the foundation of your future – abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is your treasure” (Is 33:6).

In a day of uncertainty and instability for so many, HE is the stability of our time.  Our politics, paychecks, strategies, and allies won’t produce lasting security or bring true peace and healing.  HE is our stability, our future, AND HE IS AN ABUNDANCE of everything we need!

This week, I’m asking for you to unite with me as we pray for several critical happenings in our nation’s capital.


Furloughed Government Workers & Their Families

  • God’s comfort and Holy Spirit Encouragement

  • Supernatural provision and financial blessing while their income is suspended

  • Government shutdown to end and God’s solution to the standoff which will bring blessing and security to our nation 

Two Marches; March for Life + the Women’s March

  • LIGHT to expose and overpower darkness

  •  Love + truth to prevail

  • Biblical worth, dignity, and honor to be restored to women (born and preborn) in our nation and the sanctity of human life to be advanced

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • Reconciliation, healing, and unity along racial lines

  • Equity and justice among minority cultures 

  • Fresh baptism of God’s love + power to mend relationships + break the spirit of division and hate



 Father of all nations, You are the great Sustainer and Foundation of the universe! Release Your power to heal our nation.  We cry out for renewal today! Begin IN me and WITH me! Cause my heart to overflow with Your love and plan to be a blessing to all around me. Jesus, surround the thousands of federal workers who are without pay during this season. Bring supernatural provision to them; lift their eyes to You as their Source; bring an end to this shutdown and fix the brokenness in our current political environment! Holy Spirit, let Your truth shine this week and bless all those who stand for the dignity and sanctity of life that You create! Bring a divine unity and renewal to our nation. We need You!  Together, we stand in faith for a fresh awakening of Your Presence and power to be released! Do it in our day!
In Jesus’ Name! AMEN!