We need a renewal!

Now, more than ever, God’s people must pray for our nation.  We need a renewal!  Thank you for joining me each week in lifting up our country.

Manafort. Mueller. Cohen. Trump. Clinton. China. Russia.
FBI. DOJ. #MeToo. Catholic Church.

Politicians, national leaders, spiritual leaders – entire agencies, industries, and even countries have been wrought with scandal, corruption, and lies.

We, the people of God, are people of light, truth, justice, and righteousness.  If our nation is to be renewed, we must pray that TRUTH prevails and that God unseats every wicked and corrupt person – replacing them with people of integrity.

You and I have a powerful choice.  We will be victimized by corruption and pine passively and cynically about the downward spiral of our world, OR We will rise up and call upon Heaven to bring revival and renewal to our land.  I CHOOSE RENEWAL!

This week, let us not be swept into the bias, mistruth, fake news, or anxiety of the current news cycle – LET US BOMBARD HEAVEN AND CRY OUT FOR TRUTH & JUSTICE TO BE RELEASED!


Agree with me concerning these specific areas of prayer:

  • Pray for every hidden thing, every deal behind closed doors, every fraudulent action, every lie spoken to the American public to be fully exposed. (1 Corinthians 4:5)
  • Pray for leaders to be set in place who despise dishonest gain, whose hearts and motives are pure. (Proverbs 16:2)
  • Pray for wisdom to be released to those who have the power to implement just and Kingdom solutions. (Proverbs 3:13)
  • As the 2018 midterm elections are approaching and will be held in November, pray for the Church to vote for righteous candidates. (Deuteronomy 1:13) 

Pray this prayer
with me!

Oh Lord, we know that you see everything that happens behind closed doors. We stand in the gap now on behalf of the United States government and repent for corruption in our political system.  Forgive us for cases where pride, selfishness, and greed have been the motivators for evil behavior.  We see Your Face today, believing that You will heal our political system and expose any corrupt practices taking place.

Father, let TRUTH reign!  Let what is done in secret be shouted from the housetop! Bring justice and righteousness to bear in our land!  Bind the lying spirit of satan and weed out corruption, mistruth, and bias.  Let discernment rule and wisdom permeate our decision-makers.  Reveal what needs to be revealed and cover what needs to be covered.  Let Your Kingdom be established in the hearts of Your people!  Let Truth bring repentance and renewal!  

In Jesus’ Name! AMEN!


I believe that OUR prayer – mixed with faith – rises before God as a sweet smelling savor.  God HEARS and He ANSWERS.  I’m confident that we will see renewal in our day!  Thank YOU for partnering with us!  It’s making a difference!