Education is one of the key areas of focus at the Center for National Renewal, as well as a significant battleground for the soul of our nation.  Generations are molded and worldviews are shaped on the school and university campuses all across America.  Our culture is forged and our future is decided in the minds of students and halls of academia. 

Today, let’s pray for our educational system and the millions of students, faculty, educators, and parents who are critical in bringing renewal to our nation.

As summer comes to a close and a new academic year begins, families all across our nation are eager to return to a routine schedule that comes with a new school year. Children and teachers return to school, some eager to return to see their friends and learn. Others may be hurting and don’t want to return to school. Regardless, all of our children, teachers, and administrators in our school systems need our prayer. 

Our teachers today have enormous impacts on the lives of children. While God calls the family to be the driving force in educating and training up children, teachers still play a vital part in a child’s development. 

We need strong godly men and women in our educational institutions. Our college professors, deans, chancellors, etc. on college campuses today are on the frontlines of one of the most important battlegrounds for the soul of our nation. How they shape the lives of their students will affect our country for years to come. 

Let us pray our education system as a whole. 

Pray for these things this week…

  • That teachers would come alongside families and educate their children to the best of their ability

  • That teachers and administrators would set a godly example for their students
  • That children would be eager to learn and better themselves through education
  • For the hearts of teachers to be gripped by the teachings of the Bible
  • That college students across the nation be bold and unafraid to stand for their religious beliefs

Join me in prayer this week!

Father, we humbly come before You today. 

From the beginning of time until the end, You are the divine Author of all knowledge and wisdom. May Your truths and teachings be on the lips of educators across our nation. May our students be eager to learn and attentive to what it is You want to show them. We pray that they would meditate on Your word day and night, just as Solomon wrote in Proverbs,

“Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good,
and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord

We ask that You would keep those in our education system safe and that You would protect them from evil. Surround our children with good friends who will challenge and strengthen them in their personal walks with You. May they understand their need for a Savior and rejoice in the good news of the Gospel

We pray their lives would glorify You in all they do
Renew our land, as you renew the minds of your children.

In Jesus’ Name!