Our Prayer for the Border


I know that you are alarmed and troubled at what is currently happening on our border – so am I. I have been praying and working this week to advance a Kingdom agenda and urge our national leaders to respond with compassion and wisdom.

This is a complex multifaceted challenge and our national leaders have allowed it to remain unresolved far too long. It is time to act! We must have a miraculous intervention, where God softens hearts, unifies our leaders who are entrenched in party politics, and releases God’s heart and His solutions. We, as followers of Jesus, acknowledge the role of government to protect, serve, and administer justice to its citizens. We also, see the family as one of the first institutions created by God – central to the propagation of the Gospel and the cornerstone of healthy societies. We affirm that children are God’s heritage, and therefore we advocate for the protection of all children — born and unborn — and for the preservation of the family unit as critical. Please unite with me in prayer as Congress works to craft a just solution.


·      For the care, protection, comfort, salvation, and reunification of children who have been separated from their families

·      For compassion, wisdom, and divine solutions to be released to every party involved in creating a solution to this immigration crisis

·      For Congress as they vote on a potential ‘compromise’ bill tomorrow

·      For discernment and revelation for those who are working with migrant children to identify nefarious activity or dangerous relationships

·      For an end to human trafficking of all kinds — especially the exposing and end to systems and people who are violating the rights of men, women, and children on our border

·      For unity among our national leaders, for division to be broken, and strategic alliances to be formed among those who can work for positive change in this broken system

Join me in praying for God’s timely solution to be released!

Father, you are a defender of the defenseless, protector of the vulnerable, and restorer of broken relationships.

Stretch out Your hand to move miraculously and bring resolution to this crisis.

Jesus, heal the broken hearted and bring comfort to all who mourn.

Holy Spirit, release divine solutions to our leaders!

Break the spirit of division and contention!

Let Your Kingdom purpose be advanced! Stop the chaos! Bring order and peace!

God of Heaven, give each person Your heart for this situation. Let Your plan unfold!

Use us to speak out, act, and represent You to our civic leaders!

Bless those who uphold righteousness and justice!

Curse those who do evil!  Show Your power and Your glory in this situation!

In Jesus’ Name!

We must pray for Congress to move swiftly and unite; for the President to act with compassion and courage; and for a just and biblical immigration solution to be drafted, passed, and implemented in our country. I am leveraging OUR influence here in Washington and through the Center for National Renewal to bring reconciliation and resolution to this issue. Please also pray for me, as I represent you here!