State of the Union

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This week, let’s unite in prayer and believe God to release DIVINE SOLUTIONS to renew our nation!
James 1:5 tells us that ‘if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all…and it will be given to him.’  Our legislators, judges, national leaders, and influencers need DIVINE WISDOM for DIVINE SOLUTIONS that will save our country and renew our land. 
Tonight, is the annual State of the Union and the President of the United States will address a joint session of the United States Congress.  In this address, the President will include a budget message and economic report, as well as an outline of his legislative agenda.  I’m praying that God would give heavenly wisdom to those in authority, decision makers, and thought leaders, so they might discover HIS solutions to our difficult situations.  I’m praying for a wave of unity, solidarity, and reconciliation to sweep through the room.

Will you agree with me in prayer?


  • Divine Wisdom to be released for anointed solutions to the complex problems in our nation
  • Discernment, discretion, and sound judgment to be given to all who hear and speak
  • Release of UNITY, RECONCILIATION, and PEACE through the minds, hearts, and actions of our national influencers and legislators BEGINNING TONIGHT

Father, we unite in prayer now for our country and her leaders.  You see our current situation and our desperate need for You.  Come, Lord Jesus!  Release Your Holy Spirit upon our land.  Bring wisdom! Release Your solutions! Move upon the hearts of Your people!

Lord, You have given us the message and the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20)!  We’ve been restored, healed and brought into right relationship with You through Jesus!

Now, anoint us as healers, ‘fixers,’ restorers, and reconcilers.  Bind the divisive spirits that have fractured our national unity! 

Stop the mouths of those who seek to stir up strife and contention! RISE, oh Lord, and let your enemies be scattered today (Ps 68:1)! Bind up our wounds and bless us with Your judgments and Will.

In the Name of Jesus, we pray! AMEN!

Together, we are moving mountains through prayer! Thank you for standing with us, fighting together, pushing back darkness., and releasing the Kingdom! 

Let me encourage you tonight to ‘WATCH & PRAY (Matt 26:41).’ Watch the SOTU address, and WHILE YOURE WATCHINGpray and intercede for our nation.