I love knowing that each week there is an army of thousands joining me in prayer for our nation!!! It’s making a difference and God is at work behind the scenes!  He’s orchestrating a wonderful ‘turn around’ and WE’RE in the middle of the action!
This week, I’m praying for two critical items and I’d be honored to have you unite your faith with mine.
First, I’ll be attending the National Prayer Breakfast tomorrow with other significant global, political, and spiritual leaders, and the President of the United States.

Pray for…

  • Divine connections, 
  • Strategic relationships, and
  • Opportunities to further our mission here at the Center for National Renewal

Those of us in Washington must never ever stop asking God for His wisdom to do His will.' #NationalPrayerBreakfast,"

@realDonaldTrump tweeted

Second, this month we celebrate African-American history.  African-American history belongs to all of us and its impact is a part of our collective consciousness.  Our diversity is a display of God’s splendor, and the contributions of our African-American brothers and sisters have shaped our culture.
A pillar of our work at the Center for National Renewal is RECONCILIATION.  God has reconciled us through Christ and given US the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-20).  First, we are to join Jesus’ mission in bringing people back into right relationship with God.  Then, in restoring broken relationship with others.  I am praying that God would use us to share in healing our national wounds – wounds of racism, supremacy, prejudice, and hate – political wounds, personal wounds, and institutional wounds.  Divisions and schisms sent by hell to keep us polarized and isolated – cut off from each other and the blessing of our united strength. 

Will you join me in prayer as a reconciler? PRAY...

  • God to bring healing to the deep wounds in our nation
  • God’s spirit of reconciliation to be released in the church
  • Divine restoration and unity to flow FROM the church into our society
  • Insight & Opportunity for the CFNR to lead in works of reconciliation

Father, You have reconciled the world unto Yourself through the work of Jesus and His cross! Now, let that spirit of reconciliation permeate our land.

Where there is division, bring unity; where there is hatred, bring love; where there is hurt, bring healing.  We call upon You to mend our brokenness!

Send us, Holy Spirit, as ambassadors of restoration.  In our relationships, our homes, our churches, our workplaces – let the healing begin!

Anoint our individual prayers and acts of love, bringing them together, as a powerful collective voice of hope and a model of reconciliation!

Bless the work of the Center for National Renewal and open doors for Your mission to be accomplished in and through us!  We stand together!

In Jesus’ Name!  AMEN!

Thank you, for your faithfulness to pray for our nation.  Each week, our prayers rise to the Father as a pleasing aroma.  You are a part of turning this nation back to Him!