Prayer Update

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I want you to know how powerful your prayer and our agreement is in advancing the Kingdom of God and His purpose in our nation and world.
In Acts 10, we read the story of Cornelius – a devout man who served his country and feared God, but who was NOT a Jew and had not experienced God’s salvation through Christ.  In fact, the ‘church’ was exclusively Jewish up to this point and no Gentiles had received the Holy Spirit.  The Scripture declares that God sent an angel to Cornelius to let him know that his prayers and alms had come up as a MEMORIAL before God (Acts 10:4).  The story unfolds and God powerfully and uniquely uses Cornelius’ prayers as a catalyst to transform the Apostle Peter’s mentality, save Cornelius’ entire household, and open up the Gospel to the entire world.  WOW!  What powerful prayers!
Here’s what I want you to see: it wasn’t Cornelius’ single, one-time, prayer that revolutionized history; it was a continual life of seeking God – ‘praying continually,’ giving generously, serving at his post in the fear of God – that built a MEMORIAL before God.  Cornelius’ prayer memorial was the ‘tipping point’ that God used to spread the gospel to the non-Jewish world. 

EVERY WEEK, as you serve your country by PRAYING, you are building a memorial before God.  Together, we work to renew our land day-in and day-out, as we pray, give, serve, and work for reconciliation.  OUR prayers are rising before the Father on behalf of this nation and God will use OUR prayers as a catalyst to save our country.  Thank you, for uniting with me, and thousands more, as we stand in faith and appeal to heaven.

  • Pray for Congress, as they work to find solutions for DACA and avoid a government shutdown.
  • Pray for reconciliation and healing – that the biblical dream of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is advanced in our nation.
  • Pray for the national March For Life this Friday in Washington, as tens-of-thousands of Christians unite to pray and advocate for an end to abortion and honor the sanctity of human life.

Pray this prayer with me!

Father, we come to you AGAIN, asking in faith, standing in unity, and appealing to You for renewal in our nation.  Let OUR prayers, OUR generosity, and OUR faithful obedience RISE TO YOU as a MEMORIAL that blesses Your heart and moves You to act. Bring Your Kingdom!  Heal our Land! Pour out Your Spirit! As You did on the household of Cornelius, so do on this nation!  
Bring us together and heal our divide.  Move Congress to pass legislation that honors You and dignifies those made in Your image.  Allow judges to be appointed and confirmed throughout this nation that respect Your law and execute Your justice!  Bring wisdom, compassion, and discernment to our Executive branch!  Let reconciliation and renewal be released in Your Church!
Jesus, You are the Light of the World!  Shine IN us, shine THROUGH us, and cause those AROUND us to be drawn to Your light.  Today, give ME an opportunity to demonstrate Your love, work for Your good, and represent Your Kingdom.

I’ll be faithful!  Use me, Lord! AMEN!

I believe that God HEARS us and I’m confident He’s answering our prayer!