Maundy Thursday

This week, we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday by walking through Jesus’ Passion Week, remembering the events and significant actions of His final days.
Today, we remember one of the most pivotal days in the life of Christ – commonly called Holy Thursday, or Maundy Thursday. Think for a moment of all that happened on this day 2,000 years ago…

  • Jesus ate His ‘Last Supper’ with His disciples sharing communion with them;
  • He washed their feet and taught the most profound and paradoxical teachings of what it means to be great;
  • He gave His followers a new commandment – to love each other as He has loved them;
  • Taught them of the work of the Holy Spirit and prepared them for His departure and their mission;
  • Then, spent the night in Gethsemane and prayed for YOU in what is commonly called the High Priestly Prayer;
  • Finally, He was arrested and led to trial.

Today, Jesus demonstrates TRUE intimacy, REAL power, EXTRAVAGENT love, RADICAL passion for unity and an indelible resolve to reconcile relationships – God to man, man to man, and God and man with the world.  He lives out the message of the Kingdom and gives us a MANDATE to live differently.
Today, my heart breaks as I witness the polarization, division, and seemingly irreconcilable differences in our nation.  America is wounded and her people are bleeding. However, my faith is emboldened when I consider what Jesus did and what He has called us to do.
Today, we stand as a visible and tangible reality of God’s victory in reconciliation, unity, peace, and unconquerable love.  Jesus is risen.  Sin and Death are defeated. God’s new creation is born and His Kingdom is advancing.  We – the Church of Jesus – are the hope of the world!

Today, I’m asking you to join me in a faith-filled prayer for our nation – for RECONCILIATION, UNITY, and for a refreshing wave of God’s LOVE to be released this Easter season. 

Will you agree with me in prayer?

Jesus, YOU are our risen and victorious King.

Thank You for entering into our world, demonstrating a new and better way, and bringing us back into right relationship with God by Your death, burial, and resurrection.

Your life has given us life.

Now, we pray, as the Spirit that raised You from the dead lives in us, He would quicken us, purpose us, empower us and commission us as agents of love and reconciliation in our world.

Heal our land.

Bring unity where there is division and release peace where there is strife.  Make Your Church one, as You are one.  Cause us to love, as you love.  Move us to acts of service and to walk in the good works You’ve prepared for us. Use us, for Your Kingdom purpose in our land.

In Jesus’ Name!

Today, let’s walk in purpose and be carriers of grace to those around us.  Let’s model wholeness in a world that’s broken.  Let’s point people to Jesus and His empty tomb!  I believe, together, we can make a significant difference!  Thank you for linking your faith with mine and lifting our nation up before the Father!