February Partner Update

I pray you’re doing well and enjoying God’s richest blessings!  Kathy and I just returned from Israel and are continually amazed at all God is doing in this season of our ministry.  I want you to know how grateful I am that you are standing with us in prayer, faith, and partnership.  YOU are partnering with us in the renewal of our nation and God is doing wonderful things through our partnership.
Here’s a quick update from last month!  We can celebrate this TOGETHER, because of your support!


National Prayer Breakfast
I was honored to represent you at the President’s National Prayer Breakfast on February 8.  As always, God opened incredible doors to connect with strategic people, share the vision for what He’s called us to do and provide counsel and support to influencers in key positions in our nation.

At the Center for National Renewal, we hosted the Trinity Broadcasting film crew again for a special taping.  They recorded a private teaching session I did with a select group of millennial influencers here in DC. These influencers are involved in government, the military, and our affiliate church on Capitol Hill.  What a powerful time of teaching and impartation!


Our work for reconciliation continued throughout the month of February, as we had the opportunity to share during African-American History Month in key ways.  First, my TBN Broadcast featuring our work at the CFNR and in racial reconciliation was re-aired with enormous positive feedback and impact.

Also, our ‘Spaces of Grace’ Reconciliation Report was distributed to pastors and leaders across the country, who used the content we provided to equip leaders.  This report – created because of YOUR support – enabled pastors to teach their congregations and initiate healing conversations regarding race and diversity in their cities. (Download Report)

Reception for the President of Guatemala.
I was personally invited to a private reception at the new Museum of the Bible in honor of the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, during his visit to the US.  President Morales courageously stood with the US in support of moving our US Embassy to Jerusalem – even declaring the same decision to move the Guatemalan Embassy there as well! 


At this meeting, I had a powerful connection with Ambassador Danny Danon, who serves as the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations and former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  He thanked me for our work at CFNR and support of Israel.  Then, he invited me to come to the United Nations and speak to the Israeli delegation to encourage them in their work.

I hope you know, that in each of these stories, you share in the celebration and harvest that God is bringing to influence the nation.

Council of Influence

During the month of February, we launched our Council of Influence for the Center for National Renewal.  These business leaders are committed to helping us expand the reach of the CFNR through raising awareness and support to accomplish our mission.


I want to declare a powerful promise over you as a strategic partner making an eternal investment through the CFNR.

When King David defeated the Amalekites and captured great spoil for the people, some of the men who fought with him felt privy to keep all of the goods to themselves.

However, David realized a powerful truth and instituted a new law from that time forward.  He said, ‘the share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle. All will share alike."

~ 1 Samuel 30:24

This means, that whether you support the battle from a distance, or fight it in combat, we all share the same glorious reward.

Become A Monthly Partner!

You, my friend, through your financial investment in the Center for National Renewal; through your faithful prayer for our nation; through your care and concern for us; are guarding the supplies and providing a way for us to fight this battle! 
YOU, my friend, share in the spoils of ALL God will do in this nation!