Centers of Influence to Pray For

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This is an exciting week – full of God appointments!  Please pray for me, as I travel to Israel to attend the dedication of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, as an invited guest.  I’ll be representing YOU and the Center for National Renewal!  The spiritual and geo-political significance of this event cannot be understated!  
Pray for favor, divine connections, wisdom and strategic conversations that will open doors and forward our mission of renewal in our nation. Also, will you please pray for safety? There are numerous threats, and we need God to commission angels to surround the entire event, locations, and people in attendance.  Pray that I’ll have a traveling grace for this quick trip and God will guard my health and sustain my energy throughout my time in Israel.  I can’t wait to give you updates!

This week, our prayer assignment is to pray for the centers of influence in America.  If our nation is to be renewed, it must be renewed in each channel of influence.  The Scripture declares,

When good people run things, everyone is glad, but when the ruler is bad, everyone groans.” 

Proverbs 29:2 MSG

We’re praying that God will promote His people to places of influence within the centers of influence in our nation; that His influencers would be full of wisdom and strategy; and that they would leverage their influence to advance God’s Kingdom agenda in their sphere.

Join me this week in praying through the guide below and let’s effect change in our land through fervent and strategic prayer!

  • Federal: Executive, legislative, judicial
  • State: Executive, legislative, judicial
  • Local: Executive, judicial, police and first responders
  • Leaders
  • Divine protection
  • Courage and dependence on God
  • Leaders of integrity
  • Creators of economic blessing
  • Givers of resources to the community
  • Truth-bearers
  • Life-giving
  • Unity-contributors
  • Truth-centered
  • Excellence-driven
  • Opportunity-afforded
  • Gospel-centered in message
  • Disciple-makers in mission
  • Spirit-empowered to unity
  • Return to the biblical model
  • Reconciliation in broken relationships
  • Restoration to love and unity


I KNOW prayer changes things!!! Prayer opens doors, pushes God’s purpose forward, and releases His Spirit to accomplish His Will!  YOU are standing with me in prayer for our nation’s renewal, and I am forever grateful.  Thank you for your faithfulness and support.  I look forward to sharing the great reports of all God is doing!